Natalie Nartey

Natalie Nartey is a student at the University for the Creative Arts pursuing a degree in Fashion Management and Marketing.

Her many visits to Ghana, her country of origin, have influenced her love and interest in African fashion and textiles. Her passion for African fashion lies in the intricate and beautiful detailing that isn’t found in mainstream western fashion. This was the basis of her interest in Africa Fashion Guide as it promotes African fashion which is a field that she passionately believes has great potential, though is yet to be recognised.

Natalie offers her skills within marketing ideas to Africa Fashion Guide on various projects, events and workshops presented. Aside from this Natalie will work to bring awareness of African fashion and Africa Fashion Guide to the global fashion industry.

3 Responses “Natalie Nartey” →
  1. Hi Natalie

    Please can you contact me at: -I’d love to share a couple of ideas with you. Thanks Paulina



  3. Alexander

    April 29, 2012

    Dear, Natalie

    How are you?
    I represent Fashion Magazine from Russia and want to publish it in Ghana.
    Can you contact me, please?

    Thank you


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