Iben Djuraas

Iben Djuraas has founded, managed and designed women’s cooperatives for many years and truly believes that development comes from women. She believes that empowering women should be done by complimenting and challenging them through their own culture and from making woman the experts within their own business, giving them a sustainable opportunity to earn their own money.

Designing at Malkia in Zanzibar was a bit of a dream for Iben, not only because she was speaking Kiswahili daily and became fully integrated in the culture, but because she could have full immersion in the East African Khanga. A never ending exploration in the culture, communication and design of the kanga.

(See more. www.iddi.dk/malkia.php)

In 2003 Iben received a Danida grant to produce the short move, “Malkia wa Bwejuu”, about the women on the east coast of Zanzibar. The movie was a part of an educational program seeking to introduce a more positive and realistic image of third world countries.

Iben is now a master student in Digital Design and is planning to design a digital concept that will include East Africa in her Thesis. Iben joined AfricaFashionGuide, because she wishes to be a part of a team that will focus on the strength and beauty of Africa.

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