Margaux Wong

Margaux Wong

Margaux Wong is a fashion and textile designer originally from Guyana, South America. She was first introduced to textile design while in Secondary school but was introduced to the sewing machine as a young child.

For the past ten years, Margaux has worked as a freelance designer. She was in 2007, employed as the Personal Assistant to the late Catherine Walker, who for many years designed countless special pieces for the late Princess Diana, at her Chelsea, London studio.

As a fashion and textile designer in Guyana, Margaux’s work was deeply influenced by her Amerindian and African background. Being of mixed race and living in a mixed race society, encouraged this designer to embrace multiculturalism and multi-ethnicity as inspirations for her work and also for her life’s journey.

Now living and working in Burundi, East Africa since 2009, this wife and mother of 3 has settled into a community which she has always longed to know personally and professionally. Currently, Margaux is designing clothing, textiles and jewelry as she absorbs inspiration from the heart of the beautiful continent of Africa. It is her love for fashion, reading and writing which has propelled her into her work with Africa Fashion Guide as their East Africa contributor.

It is this designer/writer’s desire to help to influence and support a sustainable fashion industry in Africa. Margaux Wong envisions an era where African designers and textile industry are not only internationally recognized, but are able to compete on an international scale and make a substantial contribution to the global fashion industry. She endeavors to contribute towards the realization of this vision.

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