Ella Soccorsi

Ella Soccorsi is a Zambian born fashion designer with a passion for the African textile and apparel industry and also for ethical fashion.

She is based in Stockholm and has since 2010 worked as a design consultant for H&M with capsule collections focusing on innovation, collaborations and sustainability.

She is also the co-founder of the Swedish clothing brand NAKKNA which she started in 2003. NAKKNA has won numerous awards including the Best Newcomer Award by ELLE Magazine, collaborated with TOPSHOP, as well as presented a motif for a postage stamp by the Swedish National postage service in 2007.

Ella travels regularly to Africa, researching the fashion and textile industry and is currently working on a collection in collaboration with African manufacturers and designers.

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  1. Elle-

    Quick question for you. I volunteer for a small NGO working outside Bamako, Mali, that provides micro finance services, among other programs. Many of our microfinance grants go to women who are making and dyeing their own textiles, and we are concerned about the health effects of some of the industrial dyes they are using – to the point that we’ve actually stopped loaning money for those activities, since a large portion of the women working there are pregnant, lack protective equipment, and are also living in an area with no way to dispose of the runoff without contaminating the ground water supply.

    We’re looking around for better natural dyes, but we haven’t had a lot of luck, and it’s difficult to evaluate the origins of the dyes we do have, in order to find safer industrial alternatives. We mainly do Batik-style (cotton) textiles. We’ve used the Bogolan-type dyes, which are more mud/earth based and safer, but unfortunately, the market we mainly sell to – women here in Mali – demands much brighter colors that we can’t achieve with those materials. We’ve also looked into indigo, but it’s more expensive than our participants can afford.

    Anyway, I saw that you handle sustainability for AFG, and I thought you might have dealt with this before. Do you have any advice for us, or have you worked with artisans or organizations who have found safer alternatives in Africa?

    I appreciate any advice you can provide!


  2. hey Eva

    your message has been passed on to Elinor
    members of the team will be in Kenya in Dec Elinor will let you know if she will be too.

    thanks for reading up on AFG! continue to follow by subscribing to the blog too

    Team AFG


  3. Omonigho Imonah

    November 25, 2011

    Hello Ella! I’m a designer with a burning talent seeking an outlet for expression. There is a huge gap in d Uk n Nigerian markets for African-influenced, chic, well-made, ready- to-wear, womenswear. I can fill this gap if only i could find someone 2 collaborate with in d uk fashion industry. I tried callin topshop, but they wont even put me thru to d creative director. I just need d right opportunity 2prove myself. I’d be happy 2 send my portfolio and a powerpoint presentation. Thanks


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