Mozambique Fashion Week – advertise in Batik

Posted on December 18, 2011


Starting with just 10 designers and 10 models, Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW), was created 7 years ago with the aim of showcasing the creativity and originality of Mozambican people. Today the event is much more than a week of fashion, it is now one of the biggest fashion events in Africa with an aim to promote culture and place Mozambique in the itineraries of international fashion.

MFW has also been making its mark in the advertising world, with the winning of several awards. This seventh edition of Mozambique Fashion Week took place from the 5th to 10th of December, in Maputo. The event held various different platforms: Fashion, Art, Music, Food, Education and Social Corporate Responsibility.

We couldn’t let this event pass by without mentioning the awesome method of advertising that they did. The city of Acacias (Maputo), Mozambique hosted the 2011 Mozambique Fashion Week and kicked it off with a very interesting advertising and PR campaign created for Mozambique Fashion Week using Batik technique by Mozima (Mozambican craftsman).

As it was last year, this year, the batik was again the kind of art explored to display, along with fashion, the Mozambican culture. For  that, they invited again artist Mozima to lend his skills of illustration and create a concept that leads MFW to become associated with a visual aesthetic. This idea is based on the inspiration of the African continent and gives designers inspiration  to develop their work.

The campaign..we at Africa Fashion Guide – adore this!

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To read up more about the event and who the designers were do check out the link for more information  here.

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