Gambia Fashion Night 2011

Posted on December 16, 2011


Our recent trip to The Gambia highlighted a few fashion shows that take place in this often unrecognised West African country. This includes the recent West Africa Fashion Week due to take place again in The Gambia in 2012. This Saturday, 17th December 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel & Spa in Brufut, The Gambia will hold the highly-anticipated event ‘Gambia Fashion Night’.

Gambian Fashion Night

It  will bring together international designers and entertainers from all over the world to gain media coverage for the country and availed Gambians the opportunity to be exposed to the world of fashion, and bring the best quality event to West Africa.
International televisions such as DST TV, DW TV in Germany, NTA in Nigeria and TV Africa from Ghana, in UK and the host TV GRTS will all be featuring The Gambia Fashion Night. The whole aim of the event is three-fold:
  • to promote Gambia as a destination of focus
  • to showcase its culture and
  • to attract media attention to the country
The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is promoting the event as an instrument for the international marketing for tourism and there will be local media channels such as from The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), Unique FM, West Coast Radio and the newspapers like the Daily Observer and The Standard will be media partners. TV, print, radio, and the online media from countries as far wide as Germany, Poland, the United States, Great Britain, Senegal, and Nigeria promoting the event.

Gambian Fashion Night

The Fashion Night, which has started attractions from Europe and other parts of the world, is expected to boost the tourism sector with number of over 100 of tourists from Europe, the United States, United Kingdom and Africa. The Banjul International Airport has witnessed the arrival of international models, designers, film TV producers and journalists from various international media.Guest arrived for the Night; Mr. Mahoni, a Gambian actor based abroad with over 70 movies to his compilation, Mr and Mrs. Bauer from Rage Age, fashion designers based in Poland, Ewa Minge, fashion designer based in Poland, Nana Kuckuck, fashion designer based in Germany, Zoe, a renowned international model based in Germany, Demba Nambe, a musician based in Germany, DJ Miss Tee based in Sweden and as well DSTV will be on ground to cover the event.
According to the GTA boss, Fatou Beyai-Raaji, the GFN show is a new development for The Gambia and the tourism industry in general and would be able to level the country into the international arena. She further noted that it would create a linkage between The Gambia and other countries in the world and as well boost economic development of the tourist industry in the country.
Tickets for the event are available at all GT Bank branches nationwide.
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