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Posted on November 9, 2011


Ohema Ohene is a brand that features in our Directors book Fashion AfricaOhema Ohene meaning Queen & King in the Ghanaian language of Twi is a British boutique fashion brand, created in 2008 by British born Ghanaian designer Abenaa Pokuaa.

She successfully completed a degree in Fashion design technology surface Textiles at London College of fashion spent time working in the industry developing her technical and commercial understanding and finalised the concept of the brand after working in the Far East and travelling from there to a trip to Ghana.

Ohema Ohene’s mission is to bring to the world total Royal splendour! Pushing the boundaries of African inspired fashion and paying homage to the beauty of Africa. A taste of colours, influences, prints and concepts which are prestigious to Africa, a beautiful and often misrepresented continent. The brand has a long term goal to eventually help provide a gateway to prosperity for the Ghanaian community. Providing education, training and enterprise. Ohema Ohene’s long term vision is to produce the majority if not the entirety of its products in Ghana and its neighbouring community, helping to build a long term source of trade to its people.

This season sees Ohema Ohene introduce a street tailoring and formal wear for Men and Women. Entitled “Power Me” for the ladies and “LDN” for the men. Building on from the brands contemporary style, Ohema Ohene has further developed its style, creating an edgy yet wearable take on tailoring and formal wear. Mixing traditional materials with signature prints and metallic finishes, Ohema Ohene is the perfect addition to every fashion savvy man or women wanting something with African spice.

copyright image - Ohema Ohene 2011

copyright image - Ohema Ohene 2011

copyright image - Ohema Ohene 2011

copyright image - Ohema Ohene 2011

Featured Men’s suit- Kaiser tailored Jacket with contrast lapels and pockets-£200
Ossei Skinny leg trousers-£85
Seyi-Fitted shirt £65

Juliette-Ladies pleat front dress £95
Abenaa-Ladies fitted patch pocket jacket £110

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