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Posted on September 29, 2011


The Sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation creating and supporting projects which aim to minimize the environmental impact of industry and society.

The current projects of The Sustainable Angle are:

Future Fabrics Expo

Please save the date for the Future Fabrics Expo organized by The Sustainable Angle and hosted by the London College of Fashion, it will take place on 29th and 30th November 2011, 10-6pm, at the London College of Fashion, 20 John Prince’s Street, London, W1G 0BJ. The expo will be launched on the 29th November with a breakfast and introduction talk at 10am at the London College of Fashion.

The Future Fabrics Expo is a show, curated with an emphasis on exhibiting a selection of fabrics that are woven, that are high quality and those that are trend relevant sustainable fabrics suitable for mid to high end fashion brands. Natural and man made fabrics from global mills and suppliers that are adhering to the environmental principles, set out together with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to improve environmental performance across the supply chain relating to biodiversity, water, waste and energy will be on display.

They provide assistance to fashion designers but supporting those who are interested to switch to sustainable fabrics for the first time in their career. They work with these fashion designers to source sustainable fabrics mainly via the Future Fabrics Expo’s suppliers and mills who participate in the Expo.

The aims and objectives of the expo is to:

  • Overall promote the increased use by fashion designers of fabrics with a lower environmental impact
  • Inform and update fashion designers about the existence of woven, trend relevant and high quality sustainable textile options currently available that are suitable for mid to high end fashion brands.
  • Facilitate centralised access to above mentioned sustainable fabrics from suppliers worldwide via a professionally curated display focussing on what alternatives there are to conventionally used fabrics.
  • Change the outdated image of sustainable fabrics and finishes widely held in the industry by displaying innovative environmentally friendly fabrics without compromising on quality.
  • Act as a free marketing tool for suppliers, presenting products to key industry members including designers and buyers, as well as fashion students from the UK’s most prestigious fashion schools.
  • The expo aims to show more sustainable alternatives to the widely available conventional fabrics that currently dominate the market.
  • Help fashion companies to begin diversifying their fabric base and lowering their environmental impact at the same time.

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They provide samples of fabric, rather than swatches to provide a more tactile experience which helps attendees to the expo truly feel the fabrics and to see how they fall and drape  and therefore make a more considered decision in their purchasing.

They intend to creatively inspire designers and fashion brands as well as educate them about the newest developments in sustainable fabrics and ending outdated clichés especially concerning mainly artisanal fabrics that are vegetable dyed, and this is why they are specifically targeting mid to high end influential fashion brands to engage them with the sustainability agenda and so as a result have a desired trickle down, top down, effect on the high street.

The expo will bring together demand and supply efficiently by reducing sourcing and marketing costs as the expo is free to exhibit and attend due to the funding received from a foundation in Switzerland. A highly experienced curatorial team will carefully select a range of innovative and relevant sustainable fabrics from lesser known suppliers, as well as larger well established mills.

Their site will also provide links to relevant books and magazines, campaigns and relevant information.

If you are a potential exhibitor who wishes to obtain further information as to how to participate in the expo, or for anybody wishing to know more about the expo, then go get in touch with the Sustainable Angle team via email.

Author: Jacqueline Shaw
Posted in: Crafts, Textiles