Soko Stingo – Introduces Africa’s Style Market

Posted on September 29, 2011


Soko Stingo is a Swahili term which stands for style market. This event is a new lifestyle market birthed to feature brands from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierria Leone and the rest of Africa. This will be an avenue to showcase as well as purchase original items at affordable prices and at the same time serve as a platform for networking and trade exchange.

This lifestyle market is intended to be held quarterly and interchangeably between Accra, Lagos, Dakar, Freetown and across Africa as their main aim is to foster direct relationships between the brands and buyers from across Africa, thereby ensuring creative exchange and improvement in fashion trade between these countries as well as with consumers. They also aim to achieve maximal media exposure, and so have partnered with the best and foremost media outlets Complete FashionWow and Y! Magazine which together pull an audience of over 400,000 readers monthly as well as an impressive followers in the Diaspora.

This inaugural edition of the show is to hold on the 9th of October 2011 at:

Twist Headlines,


Accra, Ghana.

They are invitating for you to acquire a stand at Soko Stingo. So if  you are in Accra or planning to be there next week you can still contact them using any of the phone numbers or email addresses for bookings and further enquiries (see info at end) In the case that you or any representative will not be available to attend in person there is also an opportunity for you to commission your items to the Soko Stingo team at an agreed cost. The Soko Stingo team would be responsible for the sales of your item and ensure a detailed inventory on stock upon return.

Note that they are not responsible for transport, accommodation and food costs but the Soko Stingo management team are happy to assist you in making these plans for yourself and/or your team if requested.

For more information please call: +2347037559787, +2348032113349, +2348120135422, +233246553835


All the proceeds from Soko Stingo go to a selected charity as part of an initiative to promote African creativity at no cost. So go ahead and take advantage of a great opportunity to expose your fashion brand to a new upcoming growing market!

We would love to hear your story if you showcase, attend OR visit!

Author: Jacqueline Shaw

Posted in: Crafts, Fashion, Textiles