Africa Fashion Guide and the Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2011

Posted on September 6, 2011


The Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2011will be presented again by Clairvoyant also In the Bag. This 3 day event is due to be held Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30pm – December 17th at 11.30pm 2011, again in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as well as an exclusive one invitation event night with a selection of designers at a conservation lodge in Kenya. The overall event will take place from December 12th to 19th 2011. They aim to unite the industry through fashion and fashion industry players in Africa, as well as providing an open platform that promotes sustainable trade development and conscious fashion.

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AfricaFashionGuideare proud to be partnering with Hub of Africa Fashion Week on the media front as well as presenting our first set of AfricaFashionGuideworkshops at the event. We are more than excited as this year’s theme is ECO-FASHION. The HUB team also put on their first event in September 2010 entitled UNITING THE INDUSTRY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. They set up this event as they noticed a growing need for an annual event that focuses on sustainable development in society as well as focusing on education through job development, and so along with fashion shows they put on workshops held by industry people. As well as this they had various people from the textile industry such as designers, buyers/sellers and various fashion institutes and focused on bringing in leading fashion designers and industry players in order to mentor up-coming designers through the workshops. For 2011 they again intend to invite leading fashion designers and industry players to share their knowledge.

image courtesy - Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2011

Organised again by Clairvoyant and In the Bag the aims are to showcase talent that Africa has to offer and sustainable business modules that give back to the communities and change people’s lives. As we at AfricaFashionGuide do, the HUB team highly believe in sustainable fashion as an important part of the design process and their goal is to be part of an industry and philosophy that creates a system which supports sustainable design, environmentalism and social responsibility, where product is created and produced with consideration to the environmental as well as the social impact it may have throughout its total life span.

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This year The Hub of Africa Fashion Week will create the awareness that designers and consumers need to pay attention to the way we think about the future of fashion and are urging the fashion industry to start thinking of sustainable ways that are environmentally conscious! Last years designers included well known names such as John Kaveke (who will making his London Fashion Week debut this season; both Banuq and Modahnik whom will feature, amongst 46 other designers in my book ‘Fashion Africa’ (available to buy now!! – click here for details); Sewasew Hailu  who took part recently in the RENAISSANCE FASHION SHOW II  with the mentorship of Markus Lupfer; Fikirte Addis whose beautiful designs were presented at AFWNY and popular shoe company Sole Rebels. Great designers in 2010, and we are looking forward to reviewing the fantastic designers presenting in the 2011 edition that is already looking to be bigger and better!

This event is surely the perfect platform to raise thoughts about an ethical economy and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as working towards the development of communities. We are proud to be part of an event contributing to the education of a sustainable market too. Linda and Mahlet and the team at HUB are truly of the same heart of us here at AfricaFashionGuide and why we are so excited to be part of this event.

Ethiopia/Kenya here we come!!

Watch this space for more information leading up to the event.

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