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Posted on August 10, 2011


House of Beela is a surface design studio that specialises in digital designs for fashion textiles. House of Beela is influenced by African and Western aesthetics, resulting in a hybrid explosion of beautiful designs for the new “tribe” of print buyers and wearers.

House of Beela is founded by Nabila Idris, a surface designer with a background in illustration and who is of Nigerian heritage. As a textile designer, all the fabrics in the look-book are her own creations and she sewed all the pieces herself.

On speaking with Nabila she tells AfricaFashionGuide that:

“With House of Beela, I want to create designs with a new aesthetic. My aim is to create a hybrid explosion of designs for textiles. The hybrid consisting of a merge of African and Western aesthetic in print design.”

The merging of both African and Western aesthetic principles of design in textiles, represents both backgrounds and demonstrates where this new “tribe” in society is at right now. The images tell the story of the formation of this new “tribe” that are embracing both cultures and have arrived at a style that is unique and their own.

House of Bela recently released a look-book showcasing the first collection: Metamorphosis. This first collection introduces the brands background and mission. The name metamorphosis is a metaphor for the transition and creation of this new style of design and subculture. The elements within the design are visual metaphors of the name metamorphosis. Illustrations of the butterfly metamorphosis are present in the designs. Up close the caterpillar, chrysalis and finally the butterfly are seen. There are also traces of the western baroque floral motif, and African Ghanaian Kente weave design present in the design, as well as typography made out of the caterpillar forming the word metamorphosis.

image copyright - House of Beela

image copyright - House of Beela

image copyright - House of Beela

image copyright - House of Beela

image copyright - House of Beela

The muse for this collection is Solange Knowles, “as she represents this new tribe very well” Nabila tells us. She is someone who understands the African aesthetics in style and fashion as well as the Western aesthetics, and uses both cultures as her starting point when she creates a new look. This is what House of Beela is all about.

Also included in the look-book is the ‘Heartfully’ collection. This collection consists of the brands signature design, which serves as an ambassador to the brand; the hearts. The heart symbolizes the love of life, which House of Beela believes in strongly.

Below are some of the fabulous pieces from the look-book…

House of Beela is currently based in the United Kingdom. In addition to producing designs for textiles that will be available to print/textiles buyers, House of Beela might be making a limited number from the ready to wear collection available as soon as possible!

image copyright - House of Beela

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