Uganda 1st Convention and Fashion Extravaganza – EVENT

Posted on July 29, 2011


Ugandan renowned fashion designers in the Diaspora will be showcasing their fashion at the Ugandan Convention in UK
The event will exhibit collections from Uganda’s fashion designers based in the Diaspora – Jose Hendo, Maureen Amooti among others as well as musical performances by Bebe Cool, Mesach Semakula, Kenzo, Bella, Priscilla and many others.

This night of glamour is aimed to attract a number of fashion designers and various professionals in the fashion, film and music industries, and  will showcase high fashion as well as present alot of entertainment

Uganda Fashion Extravaganza - flyer

The organizers of the event believe that the Ugandan fashion industry is a multi-million dollar industry and a key to Uganda’s economic development and that the fashion industry in Uganda has immense potential and great prospects. Maureen Amooti and Hendo have exhibited in various international shows and we believe they will be an inspiration to aspiring designers.

In particular we highlight a fashion designer with an ethical conscience Jose Hendo who looks at a fresh approach challenging the throw away culture. The label is inspired by the founder’s African background, as well as sculpture, and nature to create timeless pieces and the concept ‘Sustainable by Design’ is the cornerstone of their business. With a passion for the environment and being inspired by the world around their mission is to promote the use of organic, untreated raw and recycled materials, support ethical trading, fair working conditions and raising awareness about environmental issues. And so the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – are established in their design and creative work from the eco-materials to clever cutting and simplified production processes.

José Original’s founder Josephine Kyomuhendo, is a graduate of the London College of Fashion and set up a design studio in London where quality garments are produced (The studio also manufactures on behalf of other designers). Josephine’s keen eye and attention to detail are extremely evident in the work produced.

The label creates unique one-off pieces using eco-friendly materials like organic bark cloth, cotton, and used garments such as suits, denim and wedding dresses. The use of organic, untreated raw and recycled materials are promoted to support ethical trading, fair working conditions and to raise awareness about environmental issues related to the fashion industry…they pride themselves in quality and environmentally friendly design.

‘Barkcloth has been in use for over 600yrs, one of the oldest fabrics in Africa. It is sustainable, biodegradable and hence environmentally friendly and still widely in use today. In Uganda it is made from the bark of the Natal Fig (Ficus natalensis), locally called Mutuba, which regenerates new bark after a while. The bark is pounded using different wooden mallets giving it a fine, soft, even texture and a natural terracotta colour.’ (source:


José Original coll3

José Original coll2

Jose Original is a profiled business on the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (part of the London College of Fashion)  Business Support Programme where they gain support in such a dynamic fashion industry . This enables them to respond to the social, environmental pressures of today by engaging with the CSF through their business support programme, and gain support to learn new design transforming solutions for a sustainable fashion future. In regards to this they say:

“The workshops were very informative and confirmed research I had already done. They also helped me to focus my efforts on the right path for the business and provided an opportunity to network and make new contacts in all aspects of the fashion industry. It was great to learn and discuss ideas from similar minded individuals in the industry.”

You can see their collection at the Uganda Fashion Extravaganza event by booking tickets via :

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