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Posted on July 9, 2011


An explosion of colour with a modern twist to West African textile design, Fab Africa, founded in 2009 is a high-end luxury fashion brand, which oozes creativity and flair. Created on the basis to promote a modern outlook through the development of West African textiles using traditional expressions makes this brand all the more exciting and interesting.

Their use of authentic African fabrics and traditional batik technique, show their appreciation and respect towards their ancestors and individuals at this present moment who weave the material by hand. Their innovative approach to designs shown throughout the collection of foot wear, totes, ties and silk scarves brings life to the garments and accessories making it a much loved brand for everyone.

Although Fab Africa work extremely hard to develop a modern viewpoint through their African designs; working with manufacturers, not only in Africa but in Asia, Europe and South America, allow for their message to be manifested into fashion. As well as art, culture and fashion, Fab Africa also intends to promote ‘a contemporary lifestyle perspective’ through their products aimed at an international audience, where by a sense of belonging yet a retro feel can be identified through the print and style of the luxurious products.

Fab Africa’s range of Obi sneakers come in a variety of tie-dye and wax print material each with their own signature print and unique title. Our favourite sneaker here at AFG is the Hairdryer orange pair also available in purple, which you can buy for £75 and the Dyers Delight (limited edition) sneaker, which you can purchase for £95. As well as an exclusive range of luxury high count linens, produced using traditional african designs featuring fancy wax, handmade block prints & tie dye bed sets, BUT when it comes to shoes, for a limited edition experience, Fab Africa have a special collection just for those who like to stand out in crowd. Check out the Fab28 limited edition section on their website www.fabafrica.co.uk and be sure for a prompt delivery of 28 days straight to your front door.

Not forgetting the adorable totes and travel bags made from fair trade coffee sacks. These bags were part of a collaboration project with Fab Africa and Wendren Setzer founder of Wren Design. Wendren has lived in Cape Town, South Africa last 15 years which is where she received a distinction in her Textile Design studies but is actually from Botswana. She quit her job as a textile designer to pursue her entrepreneurial desires and birthed Wren Design as she sought a bag that had the simple practicalities that she herself needed in a bag. She also now lectures at the Design Foundation Course at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

‘The WREN design’ is a growing range of bags, born in 2008 and is inspired by the possibility of materials and their stories. The brand started out of a want for a bag that had a story, was beautiful and was not mass-produced.  The original team of three – Wendren and two seamstresses working on this brand which had a humble beginning from her kitchen floor and now consists of seven people working on various projects.

The materials tell their own story as “they have already had a life (for example, the coffee sacks that have transported coffee beans all around the world or the antique linen grain sacks woven between 1880 and 1910), or ones that could not fulfill their original purpose (for example, cement packaging rejects). These bags, as material, have the potential to continue on: for you to share in their story or them in yours. Almost all the main materials have natural beginnings and where possible organic and/or natural fabrics are used to complement them. Everything is considered when designing and creating – no fake materials or fabricated stories here.”

Our most adored would have to be the Green Trim Travel bag made from an Ethiopian coffee sack lined and trimmed with African wax print cloth – just to die for. And their hand-made canvas lined authentic Nigerian indigo fabric Travel Bag freshens up traditional crafts methods. This particular bag features leather handles and closures to add to its luxe feel.

Be sure not to miss out on what this magnificent brand has to offer, visit the website, tell a friend to tell a friend and get shopping.

All images courtesy of Wren Design and Fab Africa where noted.

Author: Dannike Walters – AfricaFashionGuide

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