Africa Fashion Week London – EVENT Schedule

Posted on June 25, 2011


Africa Fashion Week London is on its way this August 5th and 6th. It is ON!

The catwalk schedule is out make sure you book your tickets for the shows you want to attend. Each show will need you to make a seperate booking.

Show Schedule Friday 5th August

3.00 pm Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Friday 3pm Rayo Collection UK/Nigeria
  2. Friday 3pm Sophia Brown London UK/Cape Verde Island
  3. Friday 3pm Chancie Style UK/Congo
  4. Friday 3pm Back2Eden UK/Nigeria
  5. Friday 3pm Fee Uhssi France/Nigeria

4.30 pm Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Friday 4:30pm Fantazia Clothing Nigeria
  2. Friday 4:30pm Prima Rouge Nigeria
  3. Friday 4:30pm Niniola Fashion House Nigeria
  4. Friday 4:30pm Ouch Nigeria
  5. Friday 4:30pm House of Adjeiwaah UK/Ghana
  6. Friday 4:30pm Diva Delicious Ghana

6.00 pm Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Friday 6pm N Duval Exclusive UK/Mauritius
  2. Friday 6pm Kamondi UK/Uganda
  3. Friday 6pm Catalyst by Tamara Joseph UK/Dominica/Trinidad
  4. Friday 6pm Chiro UK/Kenya/Germany
  5. Friday 6pm House of Nwocha Nigeria
  6. Friday 6pm Embellished Truth UK/India

8.30pm Gala Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Friday 8:30pm Eva Grygo UK/Nigeria
  2. Friday 8:30pm Sve UK
  3. Friday 8:30pm Yaa Ataa Couture Bags Ghana
  4. Friday 8:30pm House of Jola Nigeria
  5. Friday 8:30pm Chipo Bespoke UK/Zimbabwe
  6. Friday 8:30pm MIA by Mia Nisbet Scotland/Malawi
  7. Friday 8:30pm Ahdookeh Nigeria
  8. Friday 8:30pm Halero Nigeria

Show Schedule Saturday 6th August

1pm Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Saturday 1pm Maureen Amooti UK/Uganda
  2. Saturday 1pm Ozora UK/Nigeria
  3. Saturday 1pm Adopted Culture UK/Ghana
  4. Saturday 1pm Ann Rose UK/Kenya
  5. Saturday 1pm Adaora’s UK/Nigeria
  6. Saturday 1pm Jezreel Designs UK/Nigeria

3pm Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Saturday 3pm JB Afrique UK/Ghana
  2. Saturday 3pm Anita Quansah London UK/Ghana
  3. Saturday 3pm Maze Couture UK/Nigeria
  4. Saturday 3pm Vaishali Morjaria Creations Kenya
  5. Saturday 3pm J by Jak Nigeria
  6. Saturday 3pm 1979 Nigeria

5pm Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Saturday 5pm Nkiru UK/Gambia
  2. Saturday 5pm Kanema & Co UK/Sierra Leone
  3. Saturday 5pm Turita Fogg UK/Nigeria
  4. Saturday 5pm Racheal Kisti Designs UK/Uganda
  5. Saturday 5pm A.N.Y.A Couture UK/Nigeria
  6. Saturday 5pm AAMAA Couture UK/Nigeria

7pm Gala Finale Show – For tickets register HERE

  1. Saturday 7pm Zekarya Solomon UK/Eritrea
  2. Saturday 7pm Bebegrafiti UK/Nigeria
  3. Saturday 7pm St Genevieve Nigeria
  4. Saturday 7pm House of Bunor Nigeria
  5. Saturday 7pm Afrikanus Angola
  6. Saturday 7pm Glamelle Boutik UK/Congo
  7. Saturday 7pm Lilia Milpetrova UK/Bulgaria
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