South Africa Textile Apparel – Business event – June20-21

Posted on June 20, 2011


The USAID organisation has various links within Africa by providing assistance to 47 countries in Africa with management programs which aim to strengthen capacity in African trades and to contribute to more stable and secure development in Africa.

Their priorities for Africa are to:

* Enhance strategic partnerships
* Consolidate democratic transitions
* Bolster fragile states
* Strengthen regional and sub-regional organizations
* Strengthen regional security capacity
* Strengthen Africa counterterrorism cooperation and capacity
* Stimulate Africa’s economic development and growth
* Implement presidential initiatives
* Focus on humanitarian and development assistance programs

This week sees them organising an (invitation-only) event with the Southern Africa Trade Hub (SATH). Held on this June 20 and 21, in Cape Town it is a prime Business to Business (B2B) event to match regional textile and clothing producers with international and regional garment retailers, brands and wholesalers. Overall to generate more business for Southern African textile and apparel producers, this event is a buyer -seller meeting which is primarily dedicated to textile and apparel industry and to increasing intra-regional trade and value chain competitiveness.

SATH has recruited a range of international clothing buyers and retailers from Southern Africa, the United States, the European Union and Australia to attend and partake in a series of pre-arranged 30 minute meetings, arranged by SATH‟s industry specialists, between international apparel buyers, Southern African retailers, regional apparel manufacturers, and regional textile and garment trim suppliers. These “speed-dating match making meetings” are based on sourcing, outsourcing and sales needs of the participating companies. It is a cost-effective and efficient platform for buyers, manufacturers and suppliers to explore and negotiate possible business relationships.

The 2010 event was successful through connecting industry of between 60 companies from 14 countries through creating over 400 meetings . It has been estimated that this last event generated new trades in excess of US$10 million (and still climbing) with a further carry over from the 2009 event into 2010 of US$19 million. This additional business has created additional jobs and stimulated the Southern African regional economy. This year’s event anticipated more than 400+ serious business meetings that will likely produce major new trades that promote the region’s economic growth and stability.

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