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Posted on May 15, 2011


Helen Jennings, the ditor of notorious glossy Arise Magazine (what we like to call – ‘the Vogue magazine for Africa’) is to release her book ‘New African Fashion‘ this September 2011. It is presently available in for pre-order in the UK via Amazon, Waterstones to name a few and showcases designers such as Jewel by Lisa, Black Coffee, Eric Raisina and more.

Described by Amazon:

‘…Helen Jennings, editor of award-winning ARISE magazine, offers in this book a brief history of African fashion, beauty and style, follows its influence on modern designers, and spotlights the best designers, photographers, and models from across the continent and the African diaspora….Jennings explores the myriad reasons why African fashion is having its moment in the sun. She shows how designers are looking beyond cliches of the African aesthetic by embracing both traditional and contemporary fabrics and garments, and how the passion for ethically and environmentally conscious clothing is fueling this trend. As colorful and exciting as the fashions it features, this volume will appeal to anyone interested in following the world’s most exciting new fashion development. ‘

We have seen the book showcasing TWO different front covers and so await to see which one is the true front cover.

photo credit publishers:Prestel and website.

AFG will be launching a fashion book on Africa this summer so this proves the importance of African fashion in the global industry of fashion and textiles. It definitely is taking its place in the limelight and we are excited to be part of its journey! Watch this space!

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