New Cotton Report – West Africa

Posted on April 29, 2011


I have been in talks with Annick Gouba since she commented on a previous blog. We have had interesting brief conversations as we have similar interests in regards to Africa. She is the Manager for the Cotton Project for GLOCAL the African Trade and Development Journal.

They have just released a special edition report on Cotton with the objective to give an overview of the cotton sectors in West and Central Africa based on the analysis of the main stakeholders.

Africa’s cotton sector provides income for millions of people who live in rural areas (in particular) and this industry is simply integral in fighting poverty; so this report helps to inform the reader about the sector.

The French and English versions can be found at and it gives very good information on subjects such as:

  • Situation of the Cotton Sector in West and Central Africa
  • Biotechnologies in AfricanAgriculture: The Issue of Adopting Bt Cotton in West Africa, Endadiapol
  • Quantification of the impact of U.S. cottonsubsidies on Western and Central AfricanCountries


  • African Fashion as a Value Adding and Branding Component of Textile CottonProduction in West and Central Africa 

Very good report and I hope to be able to connect with the writers to hopefully contribute to my soon to launch website. AND most of all to see if Annick and the team would be partners for my project.

Overall I would recommend this as a very good read to all.

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