The New Black in New York

Posted on April 4, 2011


An interesting discussion is taking place in New York this week entitled:

The New Black
Fashion and Design on Branding Culture
Happening on Thursday 7th April from 7pm to 9pm at the MAD Museum in New York.

Museum of Art and Design Theater Two Columbus Circle (between Eighth Avenue and Broadway) New York, NY 10019

Tel: (212) 299-7777
It explores and opens discussion on the topic of the ‘branding of a global African identity’ in relation to various media forms (blogs, mags etc) and gives pros and cons on the effect of media and the commercial interests in regards to this theme.
(priced at $8 general / $6 members and students )
The event will bring together designers as well as journalist such as Vogue Italias Editor-at-Large Bethann Hardison (you must all recall the hype over the Black Model edition of Italia Vogue – why I ask was it that I was in Venice the month it came out and I could not find a copy….very very disappointed on that on..ANYway…) Fashion Editor will also be there and more!
Oroma Elewa, founder and editor-in-chief of a mag we just love to love 🙂 Pop’Africana was on the schedule but according to her tweet last weekend unfortunately wont be able to attend.
It is true that media has begun to express a big interest in what is a very vibrant African community be it fashion, music etc. I always describe it as the heartbeat of Africa pumping harder. But the concern (even seen by Ricks posting regarding stores opening in East Africa) is of how the media brand the identity of Africa and the affect it has on the people in Africa. Is it positive or a negative effect having global fashion brands opening up in Africa and the way it is publicised in regards to fashion in general, is it the most promising?
Also at the museum is a must see exhibition
Wed, Nov 17, 2010 – Sun, May 15, 2011 Exploring the broad spectrum of contemporary African art, design and craft worldwide, this exhibition features the work over 100 artists working in Africa, Europe, Asia, the United States and the Caribbean.
The Global Africa Project surveys the rich pool of new talent emerging from the African continent and around the world. Through furniture, architecture, textiles, fashion, jewelry, ceramics, and basketry, as well as selective examples of photography, painting, sculpture, and installation work, the exhibition actively challenges conventional notions of a singular African aesthetic and identity, and reflects the integration of African art and design without making the usual distinctions between “professional” and “artisan.”
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