ASOS Africa new collection

Posted on April 4, 2011


One word..mmmmmhhh.

AFG are one of the big supporters of ASOS Africa knowing the workshops in Kenya they work with but that aside putting on our designer head…we are simply just not sure about this collection. It doesn’t have to look African but it should be aesthetically pretty which we dont think this collection is.

From our understanding there is a shortage of Kitenge/Khanga fabrics available in East Africa that are East African made. India have been producing it for a long while so I understand but now China (like the wax print) are producing cheap replicas. SO we are not sure if the lack of available fabric is the reason why the ASOS Africa collections are less and less looking very African OR the sales figures are showing that they needed to move the look on.

Both theories we totally understand and do find it important that fashion  made in Africa does promote African production and doesnt have to look ethnic or African if they are selling to global markets.

But again from a design perspective this collection is not my favourite. Either way the trenches look well executed so hands up to that. And overall the promotion of the work done SOKO Kenya andthe production unit Wildlife Works is a big plus for me.

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